‘They should stop looking for who to blame’, Yul Edochie Responds to Fashola’s Nollywood Comments

Nollywood Actor, Yul Edochie has said that that the Nigerian government officials should stop looking for whom to blame for their misdeeds and focus on doing their jobs that they were voted to do or resign.

In reaction to an earlier statement credited to the Minister of Works and Housing Babatunde Fashola, he had criticized Nollywood filmmakers on filmmakers on money ritual plots, saying that many of their movies may be fueling kidnapping and ritual killings.

While speaking with Saturday Sun, Edochie said that Nigerian leaders are busy playing the blame game while their American counterparts have been playing supportive roles in their industry without holding it responsible for fuelling gun violence in their country.

“Sadly at the moment Nigeria is stuck with a crop of leaders who can’t move this country forward, rather they look for whom to blame for their inefficiency.

“America has been producing action movies with plenty of gun violence since I was born till date, have you ever seen any American leader blaming entertainers for crime in their country? That’s because it’s all entertainment. It ends there.

Speaking as a guest speaker at the fourth annual public lecture/symposium organised by the United Action for Change, Fashola had asked filmmakers in Nigeria to put an end to promoting diabolical money rituals and kidnappings as they sending wrong signals to movie consumers.

The former Lagos State Governor spoke on the topic: ‘Insecurity: Taking actions against organised crime,’ and said that apart from the fact that such movie plots were false, they could mislead the populace into heinous acts.

He added that there is no connection between underwears and human body parts with money rituals as always portrayed by Nollywood filmmakers and advised them to eschew such narratives.

Fashola noted Nollywood could be reinforcing kidnapping through the belief system that human skulls and other parts of the human body could be used for money rituals.

“Some people believe that if you get a man’s head or a woman’s body parts, they could be turned into money. It’s not true! And when you ask people who believe in it if they have seen it happen before, they tell you someone said they had seen it.

“However, it has become a reinforced belief through entertainment, social media and Nollywood. How can a human head bring money? Money is paper invented by man, not God. They put the paper in a machine to print what we call money and that is the only place money comes from.

“But the challenge is the belief system. Just think about how many people have been missing — through kidnapping — because some people believe that it exists. The police could tell us the number of people they have apprehended with human parts, such as skulls. This belief system must go.

“Therefore, all of us, including those who make the films, must reverse the story and start selling a new story that money is printed in a machine and not through any other way like money rituals.”

He said, “It is not true, or how does that happen? What is the connection between paper (money) and cotton (pants) or has anybody seen cotton money before? Those of us who have influence and authority must take positions to see to the reversal of this kind of beliefs.”

Countering Fashola, Yul argued that the Nigerian government must focus on their responsibilities of job creation, improving the economy among others if they want a reduction in crime.

“Our government should focus on providing jobs for the youths, spread wealth, improve the economy and security and crime rate will reduce. It’s very simple.

“They should stop looking for who to blame and do the jobs they were voted in to do or resign for others to try. Next thing you’ll see them thinking of how to ban Nollywood and render more people jobless,” the thespian added.

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