Jade Osiberu Begins Viva La Nollywood Series for Filmmakers

Popular Nollywood producer and writer Jade Osiberu has launched a series she calls Viva LA Nollywood for filmmakers to learn about their art.

In a series of tweets, the producer and writer with popular movies such as Isoken (2017), Gidi Up (2013) and Sugar Rush (2019) stated that she will be dishing out tips for Nollywood filmmakers and industry practitioners.

Here are Jade Osiberu’s Viva La Nollywood Series tweets:

I’m starting a series called VIVA LA NOLLYWOOD where I will share some of my thoughts, ideas and learnings about filmmaking but in particular about

Nollywood, an industry I am very passionate about. Here’s the first thread…

If you’re an aspiring/ just coming up filmmaker in Nollywood, you should know there are many paths to getting your film made and distributed.

I would advise researching those paths and the people who have successfully followed them, their successes, failures & what fresh ideas you have to create your own path & hopefully move the industry forward in your own way.

Also, know that Nollywood is such a young industry, there’s a lot of experimenting & evolving still. So don’t accept when anyone tells you this is the only way to succeed… It’s the only way they know to success… It doesn’t have to be your story.

Listen to advise and learn from experience, but learn to discern the truth. Be wary of voices that tell you your way can’t work. The industry has dashed the hopes of many and many struggle d] with navigating their own path. Some bitterness is inevitable.

Being brave in this industry can come off as foolish… the stakes are high [financially, socially, mentally] and there are no guaranteed outcomes. But the industry needs you to distil your voice & join the plurality of voices Nollywood requires to really flourish.

We need you to conquer new audiences, markets, territories and reshape our notions of what’s possible. But don’t be easily discouraged. This is not a sprint. Let the journey take as long as it needs to.

When you start off, your work might not be entirely what you hoped it will be or do as well as you had hoped. Don’t stop creating, learning, building your storytelling muscles.

A time will come when the stars will align with your preparedness.. and all of it will have been worthwhile. VIVA LA NOLLYWOOD

Next time, I’ll share my thoughts on what I think the list of highest-grossing films at the Nigerian Box Office says about the audience and if that should influence your choices as a filmmaker.


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