Film Masterclass: Kunle Afolayan Reveals Teaser to Entire Sessions in 1st Episode

Nollywood veteran filmmaker Kunle Afolayan has introduced his film masterclass. In the first episode, he gives a general insight and teasers of what to expect during the entire sessions.

In an 11-minute clip posted on the KAPTV Youtube Channel, Mr Afolayan noted that his film masterclass sessions and discussions will entail his earliest and recent production memories garnered from his films such as Irapada, Figurine, The CEO, Phone Swap, October 1st and many more.

film masterclass kunle afolayan

Kunle Afolayan’s film masterclass sessions will also entail tips, solutions and hacks to common challenges producer face in the field. In the clip, he expressed excitement that he will be tutoring young and upcoming filmmakers to not just make any film but ‘great films.’

“I am excited about this because it gives viewers a peek into the world of filmmaking. What does it take to make a film? Well, it is one thing to learn how to make a film and it is another to make a great film.

“In Golden Effects Pictures and KAPtv, what we believe is that production value is very key. Hence, if you follow us on this journey, what you will be learning will be techniques and tips that will guide you if you dream of becoming a filmmaker.

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“What are those things that inspire filmmaking? What are those things that interest you? Why do you want to become a filmmaker? Is it because of the glamour, the fame? To some of us, it’s just because we are born creative, crazy and that we are willing to take risks – that’s just how we are wired. You cannot be an amazing filmmaker if you are not willing to take risks. These risks could be in different forms such as being ready to sell your jean to make an amazing film.

“Sometimes, you probably want to starve yourself to acquire some equipment that will help you in your journey.

“Sometimes, it’s the creative process that makes the difference. How do you write as a screenwriter? How do you know what story will appeal to what people? For me, what inspires me is my environment, nature, as a Nigerian, as an African and the fact that what I do cuts across around the world.

“So, if you want to be this kind of filmmaker, follow us on this journey…” the actor, director and producer added.

This Film Masterclass with Kunle Afolayan sessions is brought to on this site courtesy of Golden Effects Pictures, KAPTV in conjunction with Africa Movies Hub.

The sessions will also include a host of other Nollywood filmmakers who have worked alongside Kunle Afolayan over the years as they too will teach on their experiences and lessons they learnt hands-on in the Nollywood industry.

So, as we await the next episodes, stay eager and excited to follow-through with the sessions.

A Brief Biography of Kunle Afolayan

Kunle Afolayan was born to the home of legendary filmmaker, Adeyemi ‘Adelove’ Afolayan. While working as a banker in 1998, he landed his first role as an actor in Saworo Ide, a Tunde Kelani classic movie which portrayed Nigeria’s political system.  In Saworo Ide, Kunle played ‘Arese Jabata.’ It was soon followed by the sequel Agogo Ewo.

He resigned from his banking job and took a bold step into the film industry in 2004. Two years later after he finished from the New York Film Academy, Kunle Afolayan released Irapada, his debut as a film director. The movie’s success had introduced Afolayan as a director.

From then on and for over 16 years in the film industry, Kunle has continued to record success after success in his filmmaking venture. From The Figurine to October 1 and Phone Swap to Mokalik, Kunle’s works displays a knack for showmanship and excellence, to put it mildly.

With just nine acclaimed feature films, Kunle Afolayan has established himself in the annals of Nollywood as a prodigy and earned a position in place as a prominent filmmaker making big strides in the Nigerian film industry.

See below, the full clip of Episode 1 of Kunle Afolayan’s Film Masterclass:

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