Film Masterclass with Kunle Afolayan Episode 3 – Preproduction

Film Masterclass with Kunle Afolayan Episode 3 – Preproduction

In this 3rd episode of Film Masterclass with Kunle Afolayan, the serial award-winning filmmaker looks at the preproduction stage citing the choice of the cast (characterisation), crew, fundraising, script breakdown, location, etc in the figurine and key other factors to consider during planning a film shoot.

Here are the excerpts from the Masterclass:

Developmental Stage from the Perspective of The Figurine: This is the entire thought processes and how the movie came to life. We are going into details of how the pre-production stages of the Figurine movie (Araromire) went.

Film Masterclass with Kunle Afolayan Episode 3 - Preproduction
The Sculptist of the Figurine beckoning to the image used in the film

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Funding: This is the most critical and as some would say, the most difficult aspect of filmmaking. This can prove to be difficult because funding can limit your idea and even decide the kind of film you will create. Everything revolves around funding. For Figurine movie, since we just finished Irapada, we were able to convince other companies for partnerships and collaborations.

Types of Funding for films: Asides family members and friends who can support your film projects, there are two other options; investors and sponsors. For investors and sponsors, they might ask what you are giving back and what will be the Return on Investment (RoI). Like we mentioned in the previous episodes, our partnership deal with Mercedes Benz saved us some expenses of having to rent luxury cars for the movie.

While some sponsorship can come in the form of trade by barter arrangement, it is very ideal to seek partnerships and sponsorships to get your budget subsidized. But as a first-timer, it is advisable to use what you can. Just like in the case of the Figurine movie, we didn’t have a structure to get the projection numbers right.

One of the partnerships we also had was with MicCom Golf Hotel & Resorts in Osun State. We wrote to them and they came on board. This helped reduce our location costs as part of the deal was that we will have to set some of the scenes at the resort. Beyond that, we got an amazing location for our film by virtue of this deal.  

Still, our budget mark was still far from being met, so we approached Jungle Film Works. I met with them to discuss what we wanted to achieve. And we put a list together and at the end of the day, we had a huge discount because we agreed to give them co-producers credit. So, if you watch The Figurine movie today, you will see Golden Effects in association with Jungle Film Works in the credits and the film’s introduction. And today, we still do a lot of productions with Jungle Film Works.

Pitches to Investors: You can also come up with a budget, put your ideas together and pitch them to investors and companies to sponsor your film. But before that, be ready to tell them how your film will mutually benefit both parties.

Props: As part of the preproduction process, we needed to make a sculpture to represent the figurine and decide what it was going to look like. We didn’t want to use an existing sculpture that was already in existence. We wanted something unique. When we got to Osogbo, someone was introduced and we went to visit him, saw what he’s done. And after some talks with him, we decided that he will be the one to do the sculpt.

Recce & Location: The two main options for these are greenscreen preset or using a location base. While some will want to shoot in the studio with already rigged sets, with the Figurine we travelled to Ada where we went to check out the locations with Pat Nebo. We saw amazing landscapes, rocks, hills, etc. These turned out to be perfect. We also shot the beginning part where kids were bathing in the stream in Osun Osogbo groove, you can’t get it wrong with nature.

Kunle Afolayan talks about key areas of preproduction in filmmaking such as tips on retakes, extras, script breakdown, wardrobe, etc.

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See full video session of Film Masterclass with Kunle Afolayan Episode 3 – Preproduction, below:

Film Masterclass with Kunle Afolayan Episode 3 ends here. The next episode focuses on characterisation.

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