Covid 19: Drive-in Cinemas to Launch in Abuja, Lagos

The Covid 19 pandemic is inspiring new ways of doing businesses the world over – same for Nigeria’s Nollywood as industry stakeholders are set to launch drive-in cinemas.

With this business innovation fast becoming the new normal in the USA, France, parts of Asia and Germany, Nigeria’s Play Network Africa and Genesis Cinemas have announced that they are setting up drive-in theatres in Lagos and Abuja.

A drive-in theatre or drive-in cinema structure consists of a large outdoor movie screen, concession stand, projection booth and a parking lot for cars where customers can view movies from the comfort and privacy of their cars.

Some drive-in cinemas are made out of playgrounds, courtyards or sports fields.

As the Covid 19 is making people worldwide to adjust, drive-in cinemas are helping them attend social gatherings once again same way some concerts and church gatherings are held.

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To this end, the CEO of Play Network Africa Charles Okpaleke, has announced that he is introducing drive-in cinemas in Abuja and Lagos as effects of Covid 19 pandemic continues to hit the film industry.

The filmmaker who recently acquired the rights to remake ‘Nneka the Pretty Serpent’, ‘Glamour Girls’ and ‘Rattle Snake,’ stated that the drive-in cinemas will launch in Lagos and Abuja this weekend from May 22.

In a post on Instagram, Charles revealed that the first-ever drive-in cinema concert will feature a live performance from Stylplus and top DJs this Friday. He added that his ‘Living in Bondage’ sequel will also be screened at the drive-in cinema holding at Transcorp Hilton car park between 3 pm and 7 pm in Abuja.

“This Wednesday would mark the beginning of a new dawn! A new experience in the city of Abuja. Get your tickets from Naira box, ensure your fuel tank isn’t on empty and popcorn and drinks available at the venue,” he stated in his Instagram post.

Covid 19: Drive-in Cinemas to Launch in Abuja, Lagos

In a similar fashion, Genesis Cinemas also announced via Instagram that they are to begin a drive-in cinema experience.

“Get ready to grease your wheels for a whole new cinematic experience. The #DriveInCinema powered by Genesis Cinemas coming soon,” Genesis Cinemas stated in their social media handle.

Though these are experimental drive-in cinemas, they are expected to keep movie-goers happy while obeying social distancing rules.

According to industry pundits, this initiative is a laudable development since the movie industry still trying to find its feet owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.


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Thank you Jesus for always having my back, and my team at Play Network, you guys rock!!! First of its kind! Sold out!!!’

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