Coronavirus Update in Nigeria: Don’t Rush Out to Shoot, Kingsley Omoefe Warns Nollywood Colleagues

In latest coronavirus update in Nigeria, Nollywood filmmaker Kingsley Omoefe has warned his colleagues in the industry not to rush out to shoot films until the Covid-19 pandemic is defeated or reduced.

In an exclusive interview with Africa Movies Hub (AMH) about coronavirus update in Nigeria, Omoefe explained that though the lockdown has been lifted partially, the Covid-19 pandemic is not yet over.

Kingsley who is the Vice President, Independent TV Producers Association of Nigeria (ITPAN) and former Vice President of the Directors Guild of Nigeria (DGN), advised filmmakers to resist the urge of going all out to shoot movies right away but should instead observe and adhere to health instructions from authorities before embarking on any filming activity.

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coronavirus update in nigeria: kingsley omoefe warns

Consequent to the global pandemic which has hit many industries worldwide coupled with the lockdowns which are getting eased gradually, various economic sectors are beginning to count their losses and find new ways to do businesses.

The film director noted that if the coronavirus update in Nigeria must change for the better, caution must be taken and canvassed for new approaches for filmmakers and their crew to carry out their activities.

“As for filmmaking, I will not advise we resume shooting yet, let’s still continue to see as things go.  Let’s observe the situation.  We need to allow the curve to slope downwards or on a flattened position.

“Until we are sure that COVID-19 has been defeated or reduced drastically, then we can begin shooting in earnest. Even then, during shoots, we must still observe all the set parameters made by the health authorities, the government and the NCDC.

“I will advise that we don’t rush out to shoot immediately. Let’s still study the environment because if this thing infects one cast or crew, it will spread like wildfire and the media will feast on it because we are always on the spotlight.

“How are we sure of our cast and crew, especially the below the line crew and casts? It’s going to be a major headache as we may have to get everyone certified clean by appointed medics. Observe very strict sanitation guidelines.

“Then, keep a closed camp, if you must resume, no visitors allowed, he added.

AMH found out as at May 6, that the coronavirus update in Nigeria is that most business entities have taken off from where they left off  before the global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns were announced in the country, and the businesses are doing so without concerns for health implications.

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