Citation Movie: Another Kunle Afolayan Hit or Miss?

Nollywood is about to be reignited with yet another blockbuster movie; Citation by Kunle Afolayan who has built a reputation in Nigeria’s film industry as a creator of movie masterpieces.

Taking a cursory or detailed look at Afolayan’s films over the years, one cannot but notice a quality that is very evident – a deliberate attempt to make bold statements. But then, the ace actor, producer and director seem to be miles ahead of his counterparts as is manifest in his works.

Nonetheless; movie buffs, filmmakers and spectators are wondering if the citation movie will hit the sweet spot of its audiences or if it will be just another bland Nollywood movie without much substance. Better put, will citation calm worrying nerves in the creative industry that it has yet another solid film for keepers that will send spectators on a journey to remember?

Reeling from the exploits of his last movie Mokalik which many Nollywood movie critics bashed on many sides, Kunle is once again, trying to make yet another statement. So, the real question is, will citation movie by Kunle Afolayan be another hit or a miss?

Andrew Oke in a review for The Nollywood Series (TNS) had referred to Mokalik as A masterclass in the Art of Nothing. He puts it thus:

“Many films are accused of forcing the audience to turn their brains off to enjoy them. Mokalik turns your brain off for you, as in yet another stroke of genius, Kunle Afolayan turns the film into a vehicle for social justice, tackling and offering a remedy to an issue plaguing many Lagosians today – Insomnia. For all those who have a hard time sleeping, Mokalik is just what the doctor ordered – dull, meaningless, sleep-inducing drivel.”

Citation Movie: Another Kunle Afolayan Hit or Miss?
A scene from Kunle Afolayan’s Mokalik Movie

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But then, speaking about citation with PlusTV Africa, Mr Afolayan noted that filmmaking for him is all about creating a legacy for generations.

“For me, I want to live for something; I want to be remembered for something. And I am not saying that anyone who doesn’t toe that path is not on the right track. But for me, I am enjoying it. I want my children and children’s children to see what I’ve done and say ‘look I am proud of him.’ I want society to emulate what I do. I am not a preacher but I could preach certain things through what I do,” the prolific filmmaker said.

The new film which was shot in Cape Verde, Senegal and Nigeria will tackle social ills such as exploitation and moral decadence in Nigeria’s educational sector.

Citation Movie: Another Kunle Afolayan Hit or Miss?
Some members of cast and crew of citation movie

In an interview with Premium Times, the production designer of the citation movie Pat Nebo revealed that the movie was shot in just six weeks in the three countries stated above. He also explained that the movie celebrated the cultures, institutions and tourism potentials of the countries.

Nebo enthused that the citation movie will attempt to change the narrative of students relying on short cuts as opposed to hard work. He noted that the Kunle Afolayan movie stands on the premise of educating its viewers on the need to toeing the long road to academic success.

“We want to use this opportunity, to cleverly educate our people. If you listen to what I said before, I said that why I like working with Kunle is because he is using film as a form of education. We provide a little bit of entertainment but we make sure that the message sinks in very well.

“The most important thing we will be looking at in this film is changing the narrative. Most people believe that in school, you have to work your way through. Working your way through could means using sex, using money and all,” Nebo said.

Written by Tunde Babalola, with Kunle Afolayan as the director and producer, Citation movie is the 7th award-winning filmmaker’s installment of his feature films.

Citation boasts of an intimidating ensemble cast from diverse nationalities including veteran actress and director Joke Silva, daughter of Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola; Temi Otedola, French-Ivorian actor and screenwriter Raymond Reboul, Haitian-French actor and model Jimmy Jean-Louis, Ghanaian actor Adjetey Anang, delectable actress Ini Edo, veteran broadcaster and actor Sadiq Daba, actor Yomi Fash-Lanso,  veteran film director and actor Wole Olowomojuore alias Baba Gebu, theatre educator Toyin Bifarin, actor and singer Gabriel Afolayan, Ivorian theatre guru Bienvenu Neba, and upcoming actress Bukunmi Oluwashina.

Well, Nollywood enthusiasts will have to wait to see if the much-anticipated citation movie is a hit or miss in a few weeks when it is released.

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