80 Percent of Nigerians Don’t Have Access to the Cinema – Tunde Kelani

Veteran Nollywood filmmaker, photographer, cinematographer, and producer, Tunde Kelani has said that 80 Percent of Nigerians don’t have access to the Cinema.

In an interview with Peter Moses of the Weekend Magazine, Daily Trust, the ace filmmaker stated that only a few of Nigeria’s elite and middle class can afford to watch movies at the cinemas and added that a lot still needs to be done to develop film distribution and sales in Nigeria.

Tunde Kelani who has had an illustrious career spanning over four decades in Nigeria’s film industry also answered questions regarding curbing piracy in the country.

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80 Percent of Nigerians Don’t Have Access to the Cinema - Tunde Kelani
Tunde Kelani – Image Courtesy Smart Monkey

“We all have to continue to fight in ensuring piracy is reduced. It is devastating because most of us lose our businesses. All my films were pirated at the same time and I have not recovered from it.

“I think film can now be consumed on other platforms like cinema, Mobile App, and others. I think the field is open.

“Piracy comes in so many forms. It is not only films that is being pirated in Nigeria. Every product is being adulterated. There are worse cases in other areas.

“We need to take a look at the kind of films shown in the cinema. Only the elites and some of the middle class go to the cinema. About 80% of Nigerians still don’t have access to the cinema, so, we need to develop our markets. We still have a long way to go,” he added.

He also weighed in on the issue of Nollywood movies promoting money rituals and kidnapping as advocated by the Minister of Works and Housing Babatunde Fashola, where he berated Nollywood filmmakers on money ritual plots.

“I agree with him. Not just the movie industry, but the whole society. We supported the idea that people could make money by ritual, but it is not true. Nobody can make money outside of what belongs to you.

“I think all of us need to battle that negative narrative. We need to tell young people that it is not true. There is no ritual that can fetch anybody money,” Tunde Kelani lent his support to Fashola’s statement.


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