About Africa Movies Hub (AMH)

Africa Movies Hub (AMH) is a niche website for strictly African Movies; News, Analysis, Industry Reviews, Movie Trailers, Now Showing, etc.

Unlike most popular news sites/blogs/web forums, AMH opens your brand to a unique crop of readers who are movie buffs that genuinely love the art, practitioners in the film industry looking to better their craft/ seeking new opportunities, an enlightened class of people who have keen interests in Africa’ movie production techniques, a bunch of entrepreneurs whose businesses feed-off from the continent’s film businesses, the cinemas and investors looking for prospects to profit in Africa’s movie industry and the likes.

How We Came to Be

Africa Movies Hub (AMH) was birthed sometime in August 2019. A former colleague had suggested to the Founder and Author (of AMH) saying; ‘why don’t you set up a movie review site since you love movies and you are a writer?’

Then the thought hit hard! Why not, since the film industry’s growth could do with every appraising entity it can muster presently? Also, since the sector was and still is catching attention globally but is grossly inadequate to meet its expectations, then the founder knew there was a void to be filled.

Moreover, he (the founder) watched averagely 5 movies every week and spent good time relishing the thoughts (when there was a job well-done). But then Isidahomen watched mostly western movies and less African movies, not because the Western ones had better stories to tell or had better contents – they had much bigger budgets and capacities, therefore, better productions, directions, scripts, sound, pictures, etc. On the flip side, African films have better contents but lack the wherewithal to execute quality productions.

So, he began to draw up a blueprint, researched, consulted movie industry experts and read extensively on the idea. What he wanted was not just to create a site for movie reviews, but he wanted the focus to be on Africa’s movie sector with greater emphasis on Nigeria’s Nollywood since the country holds the proverbial ‘yam and the knife’ despite the many odds industry players face while carrying out their works.

Hence this site will house every section of the Nollywood industry and by extension, the African movie sector but will focus on the movies on the big screens – the cinemas.

After setting the tone, quality and direction, he hopes to bring in more passionate, experienced and professional hands to join the fray as contributors members. As a team, the AMH will grow a movie appraisal structure and set the agenda for Nigeria’s film industry discuss.

We will cover events, do personality interviews, have special features, write reviews, promotional contents, etc.

We will also work in collaboration with relevant agencies such as government organisations, industry regulators, filmmakers, screening houses, businesses, etc, to grow the sector.

What we promise
In our reviews, reportorial, news, analyses, etc, we hope to present factual, balanced, fair and unbiased angles in our presentations in the form of writings, graphics, pictures, videos, etc.

What we won’t do
AMH is all out for Africa’s film industry appraising in all its ramifications, and will not attempt to present the industry in bad lights. Hence, we will not in any way scrutinise or poke holes on individuals, brands, or organisations just for criticism sake, but will focus on the creatives emanating from the industry with a goal to grow it into enviable heights that we all can take pride in.

The Vision
The vision is to ultimately become the voice and authority for everything African movies.

About the Author

Emma Ossy Isidahomen is a writer, film critique, entrepreneur and gospel singer. Call Him the likes who love to hear a good sound or watch a good movie and tell others about it, but cringe when things get awry while at it.

His years in media writing, movie analytics, lover of stage performances and as a keen enthusiast in the digital space afforded him the opportunity of creating Africa Movies Hub for all African movie industry players to integrate, blossom and grow it into the biggest film industry in the world.

Why go into Film Appreciation?

As an avid consumer and creator of media (text, pictures, audio and videos), Emma belongs to the school of thought that Africa has so much to show the world via literary works. And videos being the most consumed media (as it comprises of pictures, audio and motion pictures) makes it a veritable tool to tell its stories.

His goal is to build a platform that would ultimately grow into a hub for African movie lovers, filmmakers, industry professionals (established and upcoming), cinemas goers and investors.

One more thing though. Nigeria’s Nollywood produces way more than America’s Hollywood and over 80% of African movies… that’s where the spotlight of this site will be. Welcome to this diary!

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